Thursday, May 19, 2011

Painting With Annie Sloans Chalk Paint

Though I have been painting vintage furniture for a few months, this is my first try with Annie Sloans Chalk Paint.....I first heard about it less than two weeks ago when a women came to the Metrolina Antique and Collectibles Show. The whole time she was in my booth she couldn't stop raving about this fairly new paint, that "everyone" is using. How exciting! I had to try it!! Annie Sloans Chalk Paint is a dream to work with and comes in so many beautiful colors.

I purchased my paint and wax from Tammy Brinkley of Periwinkle Pass in Banner Elk, NC. She is lovely and sometimes brings her Annie Sloans Chalk Paints and Waxes to the Metrolina in Charlotte, once a month. Here is her website: Periwinkle Pass

You don't have to sand or prime before you paint, so it saves you a lot of time. There are extremely low VOC's and it can even be used as a light "wash". Just add water!  You can even use it on masonry, metals, plastic and more! I started out with "Provence" and "Old White". I cannot wait to try the others!

Here is my first project. It is a cute 4 drawer bedside dresser that I picked up while I was in Michigan. So far I really love the way it is turning out. This piece will be sold at the Metrolina next month, along with the other furniture pieces that I have started.

Phase 1 - Cleaning

The painting is done - I can't wait for the finishing touches! 

New Supplies:
Natural bristle brushes for waxing: .99 to 1.99 each
Dust masks for sanding

A round Pouncer brush from Lowes by Signature - For applying tinted wax. $6.84

Sandblaster sanding sponge 180 Grit

 This dresser should be finished soon! Can't wait to see how it turns out :-)

Okay, I Am A Girly Girl!

I adore anything feminine. I aways have. Frilly, flirty, ruffled, pink, roses, silk, etc. etc. My poor husband. I knew I had a wonderful man when he let me paint the living room walls ice pink. Oh, was that color gorgeous! I never tired of it. When I am looking for vintage or antique treasures, you will see, my eye gravitates toward the more feminine items. Since we sell our finds to all sorts of collectors, I am really trying to find unique "mens" items, or things that have a masculine feel. Here are just a few of my latest finds. What fun finding them!

A very heavy manual date stamp by Bates

A croc embossed leather case with working clock

A heavy gadget that may be an early credit card processor

An old, heavy enameled steel, tape dispenser and weapon :-) 

A cute antique painted metal toy register bank

Me Blogging?

This is my first day blogging. It seems strange writing thoughts for others to see. The authors of the blogs that I read make it seem so easy. Some people are just gifted! I am not sure I am one of them, but I know that it will be an adventure to share a part of my life with you. I would really appreciate your comments too!

I do love anything from the past like books, clothing, furniture, etiquette, homes, architecture, lifestyle and everything in between! I started searching for treasures in the mid 1970's and haven't stopped since!

With the support of my husband, I started a website called, Hooked On Vintage, where I sell vintage clothing. I really love it! I have so many wonderful customers. I also buy anything else vintage that I can find! I adore a good treasure hunt.

This blogging endeavor is to share, with like-minded treasure seekers, my adventures in finding unique items from the past. This road will be one of treasure hunting, searching flea markets and back roads, decorating in vintage, painting and refinishing old furniture, and so much more! Come with me down the roads of beautiful North Carolina. I hope it will be a fun adventure. I know it will be, for me :-)