Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Vivid Dreams Of The Past - Vintage Scarves

I just listed some pretty vintage scarves, most of them from the 1950's. I wish I could keep them all! I hope you enjoy looking at them and get inspired to try wearing some this summer! Check out my other blog about "How to Tie and Wear a Vintage Scarf"! It is a wonderful resource for creative ways to wear these beauties. The vintage scarves that I have shown here are all completely different in style, theme, and color. They were made by designers like Liberty of London, Echo, Baar and Beards, Vera, and a rare find by Peter Todd Mitchell.

Incredible jungle design by Modernist Artist Peter Todd Mitchell

Scarf by Vera in beautiful colors

Vintage scarf in an Ancient Indonesia print by Babe' for Baar and Beards

Fine silk vintage scarf in a wonderful Ski village theme

Scarf by Liberty of London in a wildflower print

Beautiful floral vintage scarf by Baar and Beards

Vibrant world themed vintage scarf by Karavan 

How to Tie and Wear A Vintage Scarf

I absolutely adore vintage scarves. I like them from any era and in any fabric from crepe silk, to sheer textured nylon from the 1960's. The nice thing about vintage scarves is that there is no size to worry about, one size fits everybody. Just find the colors and prints that you like. They are fun to wear in so many different ways and they brighten any outfit. They are a piece of afforable costume jewelry. They tell a story. Sometime it's nice to get some inspiration and I hope this blog will make you excited about finding, and wearing, your next vintage scarf.

While I was rummaging through a box of vintage scarves at an estate sale last weekend, I found this vintage pamplet at the bottom. I love to find this kind of item! It was printed by Glentex but it has no date stamp. I believe it is probably from the early 1950's How fun!

If you try one of these ideas for your vintage scarf, I would love to hear about how it turned out. My favorite idea from this brochure is the scarf tied as a hat with a bracelet! 
The brochure by Glentex is called, "Scarf Tie-Ways By Glentex". Such a great resource!