Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Latest Pretties

If you read this blog, I bet you adore finding vintage treasures like I do! There is nothing like looking through a messy table or a dirty old box and finding a treasure that makes your heart beat faster!! Sounds crazy but it happens. It's the thrill of finding something wonderful from the past. Something that has a story or two behind it. I dream of what that story might be. Sometimes, the owner is gracious enough to share the history of it. I love that! These are a few of my latest finds. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

An old vintage clothes pin bag

Vintage Hull Corky Pig Piggy Bank

Pretty pink freshwater pearls

Pastel watercolor in pretty original vintage frame

Chippy antique potty chair and graveyard flower baskets

1930's to 1940's handmade Chicken hot pads

Vintage needlepoint carpet bag with bake-lite handles 


  1. Lisa, I love all of your items! And you have it all so artfully arranged. Where do you find most of your things? I have upgraded to a larger booth at Just Plain Country Antiques and Collectibles. You should visit there!

  2. Thank you Gina! I find them mostly estate sales. I haven't been to any auctions yet but it might be fun! I would love to see your booth! Next time I am in K-ville, I will stop by. What's your booth number?

  3. Oh man...that needlepoint bag with the bakelite handles...gorgeous!! Are you going to be adding this to your web store?

  4. Hi Sandra, It is really fabulous and much more roomy than it looks! I sold it last weekend in Charlotte to a really sweet girl out of California!

  5. Lucky girl! If you come across another one like it, please let me know.

  6. Hello Lisa,
    Love every one of those cool vintage certainly have the eye for what is collectible. Really love the clothespin bag and the potty chairs with all that lovely chippyness.

    Love your blog and I will be back

    janet xox

  7. Such GREAT finds, Aunt Lisa!....Love the ceramic silverware "people!"

    - Emily

  8. Love all your finds, especially the 3 white graveside flower holders. So many ways to re-purpose them.

  9. Awesome...

    I love your collection.. It looks very good in dining table.. It really increase the beauty of dinning..

    Scavenger Hunt Idea