Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Broken Beauty

Someone had thrown this beauty to the curb and since I adore dogs and love vintage things, I just couldn't leave him there to be discarded! I am not the most crafty person but my attitiude is, where there is a will, there most defintely is a way! I have to find a way to repair this sweetie, or at least get him up on his feet :-)

I was searching the internet on how to repair a cement statue and came across this wonderful blog, Connecting The Pieces! Her article on this was fantastic! She makes it look so easy! If I cannot do this, maybe my husband can, who is much more artistic than me:-) Even if I could get him to where I could surround him with flowers. Wouldn't that be great??

Also, there is a business in High Point, NC that is on the corner of Hwy 311 and Eastchester that sells stunning cement statues of all kinds!  I am not sure of the name of it, but I wonder if they would be able to fix this for me? Don't you think it is worth it? Do you have any ideas for me?

Look at him, could you deny this face and character? 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

My Latest Pretties

If you read this blog, I bet you adore finding vintage treasures like I do! There is nothing like looking through a messy table or a dirty old box and finding a treasure that makes your heart beat faster!! Sounds crazy but it happens. It's the thrill of finding something wonderful from the past. Something that has a story or two behind it. I dream of what that story might be. Sometimes, the owner is gracious enough to share the history of it. I love that! These are a few of my latest finds. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

An old vintage clothes pin bag

Vintage Hull Corky Pig Piggy Bank

Pretty pink freshwater pearls

Pastel watercolor in pretty original vintage frame

Chippy antique potty chair and graveyard flower baskets

1930's to 1940's handmade Chicken hot pads

Vintage needlepoint carpet bag with bake-lite handles 

Pretty Robin Egg Blue And Furniture Projects

I have been meaning to post how the small dresser turned out after painting it as my first project with Annie Sloans chalk paint. I had many other projects along with this one, I just wish that I would have taken more pictures!

I really love how this turned out. The robin egg blue color, Annie calls Provence. It's gorgeous. I have almost a full can left and I cannot wait to start on my next few projects for the show at the Metrolina in July.

I really love how smooth the Annie Sloan paint is to work with! The look of the paint after two coats is like fondant cake frosting! It is beautiful! It sands like a dream and polishes into a satin finish. On this dresser, I used natural Min-wax paste wax for the finishing touch.

I also used Annie Sloans "Old White" chalk paint on a vintage 1930's bed, a teacart, and two decorative mirrors from the 1920's and 1930's. Everything sold right away at the show. I was very happy about that!

I have a lot to learn about paint effects and giving pieces texture, but it sure is fun learning! ...I just found two more pieces that I need to start on soon. I will post pics! How fun :-)

I ended up painting this pretty table a wonderful rich gray and then distressed it.